Tuesday 26 January 2016

The motivational ideologies that caused the emergence of Modern world

The human mind that gained sudden freedom after many centuries of Church hegemony was adolescent in its stand and approach, with its proverbial rebellious tendencies! This rebellion was well evident from the uttering of Francis Bacon, an inception stage scientist of that period: He saw science as a mission for exploring mother nature. He used the following phrases to express his adolescent enthusiasm:

Ø       Nature should be haunted in her wanderings
Ø       She should be bound into service
Ø       made her a slave
Ø       put in constraint
Ø       to torture the secrets out from her

Don't know whether it was strange co-incidence or natural continuation of the same world view, Charles Darwin's Evolution theory and Adam Smith's Capitalism were both complementary to Bacon's earlier attitude towards Nature! All three great men of ideas had one base idea in common, ie. man is here on life and Earth, to put to use the Earth and own life for advancement/betterment of life!

She ( Nature) is often a hostile 'object', and life is a struggle to defeat or win over her, and make life a successful event! While Darwin said life is a struggle for survival wherein the best 'adapted' to changes will be the winner, or he will be the best candidate for Nature to be allowed to survive. Not only him but his offsprings also.

Adam Smith, though did not directly speak about any 'winning over Nature', indirectly meant it, when he insisted, man should create 'wealth' to live the fullest life. His followers simply adopted Francis Bacon's footpath and explored Earth, her resources, her inhabitants, for making maximum wealth! 

Modern world struggles today to save herself from the serious environmental issues related to the seriously damaged air, water, and other environmental elements that her Capitalist entrepreneurs and their supportive Nations have caused,  simply to create wealth!

In short, today man doesn't have a healthy attitude towards the habitat he lives in, the mother Earth, and Nature where this planet Earth is stationed. He is still an 'outsider' and a struggling stranger, as far as he and his inevitable tenure of LIFE is concerned!

Man is yet to understand himself and life in any sensible relation with Existence!He is badly in need of a new narrative of optimum life, free, liberal and long-sustainable.

'Human rights' and liberty too suffered!

The net result of the above is, that all our leading socio-political-economic institutions today does not have respect for MAN, and his 'inalienable rights' too! He is part of the above narrated Nature, an item to be tamed, manipulated and used! For Science, man is a bundle of cells, neurons, and nerves. He has no 'in itself' substance. His thoughts and behaviors are the play of chemicals in the brain!

For current polity, man is a laughable entity; he and his opinions simply 'sway' to the smart 'rhetorics' of its political players!
Industry is more confident than the above two; even the smartest of men can't resist their targeted 'advertisement' assault! 

So, it is obvious, why human rights are blatantly violated today in every nation; man or citizen is considered manipulable 'robots', with no entity of his own. He is just a 'commodity' in the open market, ready to be exploited, played around with and violated at will!
Who is right to judge him? He himself, or his predatory institutions? This is a big question that will haunt man in the modern age. 

If man has no meaning and substance, whatever that exists, the 'whole' existence, is 'absurd' and meaningless, a zero-sum game! Will man's plain sense of REASON ready to buy the above stand of his institutions and their arguments? This is a big fight between 'objectivity' and 'subjectivity'. Quantum physics found 'objectivity', an illusion. But it still awaits the final approval of the Popes of Science, polity and Industry!  
Globalism and Multiculturalism were mere smart marketing strategies of Industry. Now, modern world has kind of 'tired' with Globalism, as it causes serious lack 'opportunity' for the sons of the soil.Leading nations like US and UK now are shrinking to themselves, rejecting Global notions. The sentiment of Nationalism is rising above individual liberty. Old notions of freedom and liberty are wading. 

Authored by: Abraham J.Palakudy

He is a philosophic seeker and researcher. He seeks to know what is the life of man on planet Earth! His other fields of interest are Faculty of Reason, Mind, Spirituality, Metaphysics and finally, Polity.
Contact him: ajoseph1@rediffmail.com
Twitter; Voice of Philosophy@jopan1

His profile and other blogs:https://www.blogger.com/profile/14249415589712707293

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